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A key aspect of Internet marketing that many Internet marketers overlook is
how important traffic is to one’s business. Without traffic coming to your
website, you have no chance to make sales.

Yet, many Internet marketers are so focused on their individual product
offers, offers they are promoting as affiliates, or joint ventures they are
involved in that they forget to put a proper amount of attention on traffic.
The old saying, “Build it, and they will come,” does NOT apply to Internet
marketing. People aren’t just going to come to your website and your offer
because you put it online- you have to get people to come, see it, and
consider it. This is the traffic part of the equation, and that’s what this
ebook will focus on.

In this ebook, you will learn about various methods of free and paid traffic.
You will learn the difference between quantity and quality of traffic. You will
learn about the importance of quality content and the power of search
engine optimization (SEO), viral marketing, and social media marketing.
You will also learn about how Google Analytics can help you learn more
about the traffic that is coming to your site.

There are many avenues of traffic on the World Wide Web, and there are
potentially billions of people out there that you can reach from all across the
world. If you know how to tap into quality traffic and can convince them
that your offer is worthwhile, you have the chance to have a very profitable
online business.


Zero Traffic Equals Zero Sales

Many Internet marketers, whether they are promoting their own products or
offers of others as an affiliate, overlook the fact that traffic is essential to
getting sales. If you have no traffic to your own product page or the page of
an offer you are an affiliate of, you will get NO sales. In other words, you
will make NO money from your affiliate marketing efforts. Therefore, it is
important to not forget the traffic.

Note that not all traffic is equal. One may think that getting a high amount
of traffic to an offer is better than getting a low amount of traffic to the same
offer, but if the lower amount of traffic is more highly targeted (i.e. matches
up better with the offer you are promoting), you are likelier to make more
affiliate sales with the lower amount of traffic than with the higher amount of

With any Internet marketing, including affiliate marketing, the offer you
promote must match up well with your target audience or market- if it
doesn’t, no matter how great the offer is and how many people you send to
it, you’ll make fewer or even no sales. Therefore, it’s important to keep in
mind the product offer you are promoting, the target market for that offer,
and getting members of that target market to see the offer.

Therefore, it is key to getting high-quality traffic to your website or affiliate
promotion so that you have a chance to make sales. Then, of course, it will
depend on whether that traffic is really interested in your offer or not, your
sales copy, and good follow-up email marketing to turn that traffic into sales.
Fortunately, there are several ways to get quality traffic to your site, both
free and paid types. We will explore many free and paid traffic strategies in
the next chapter.

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